Our Drone Services

  • Corporate

Our technique and our creativity will allow you to integrate images that will result in an artistic direction. Always staying loyal to your requests, our aerial shots will offer to your institutional films a more original and innovative look.

  • Real State Sector and Urban Planning

We can help you to value your property, your yards and your buildings. An aerial point of view will offer your projects a bigger dimension, an additional prestige. You can also use our services for diagnoses and expertise, especially on hard-to-reach parts, as well as for websites compositions.

  • Events

Concerts, shows and open-air events, so many events in the open air which we can seize the elusive. Beyond a subtle memory to offer to the participants, the beauty of aerial shots simply gives the guests the desire to reiterate the experience of a sublime event.

  • Sport

We provide you the possibility to get an original view of your sporting events. Regattas, motor racing, extreme sports… thanks to our images, you can capture all the dynamism of the sport. We are able to film the whole action as closely as possible, so that you do not miss anything. You will no longer see, but revive the moment.

  • Tourism

You want to communicate about your area, your city? Our aerial images will show all the beauty and immensity of your territories. You will give them even more value in the eyes of travelers, who will have the sensation of being where no one has yet gone.


Depending on your needs, we can also accompany you on the entire audiovisual post-production process.

We ensure the image and sound editing, as well as the compliance of files of all the publishing media (social networks, DVDs, projection in auditorium or on television).